Surpass Magazine Model Contest Rules and Participation

$100 Surpass Magazine Contest Rule and Participation

How to participate:
1- Go to to
2- click on any surpass magazine issue or logo
3- sign up in our facebook Surpass Magazine page
4- Like us on facebook
5-Join the Group in Facebook
6- Post your Photo in our Facebook page and share it to get likes.
7-Send your cover photo to:
8- Send us an email authorizing your photo to be published on the december issue and give us authorization to use your photo in facebook and in our website.
How to win the contest?
1- You must have the most likes in our facebook  Fan Page.
2-Participate by sharing your post in our Facebook Fan Page.
3- Participate by writing a comment to stimulate your audience to chat with you
4- Invite your audience to sign up for your FREE december Issue where you going to be.

How will you get payed if you win?
1- We can send you the winner price through paypal or
2- Mail a check to your address

Any questions:
1-wite us at :